From the recording This One's For You - Single

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This song was written in 2015 after dealing with a belligerent concert goer asking, "When you gonna write me a song?"


This One's For You
(C) 2015-07-30 Funktry Music Publishing

I ain't got your money
But then I'm not you
I kinda think it's funny
That you don't know what to do
I gotta damn good reason
And someday you'll see
Why I've got your honey
Right here with me

I've got a little bit of advice
For the very next time
That you throw that bottle
In the direction of mine
You better make it count
I say so honest and true
I got a whiskey double barrel
Here for you

I don’t even like your kind
I don’t even like you
And I’ve seen you many many times, Yeah
So I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do
I don’t even like you
You wanted a song
This one’s for you

Well, I’ve heard your stories
From at least half the town
How you build yourself up
By knocking men down
There’s a thing I’d like to say
And she’s two for one
She’s gonna bite your ass
While you're bragging in the sun




Well, I used to feel sorry
But that's long since gone
You had your chance
I had a feeling I wasn't wrong
I still wish you well
But I don't need to see your face
We're just different that’s all
Another time another place


Ah turn it loud baby
Come on sing along with me
You know the words
Shit you helped write it