Dirty Water Revival was formed after Jeff released his sophomore solo CD by the same name and ran into Bill while performing an acoustic gig at MVP Sports Bar and Grill in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two struck up a friendship and after Bill requested "One More Whiskey" and when Jeff forgot the opening line Bill sang it. They decided they needed to start working together immediately. Jeff had worked with Jerry when he sat in one night with Joey Said No, a local cover band Jeff also fronts, and when it came time to fill up the bass it was a given that Jerry needed to join the band! 

The band performs regionally (OH, IN, & KY) and has a long list of cover songs that they make their own. The funk rock versions of The Beatles, Chris Stapleton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Rod Stewart are just a few of the artists that DWR put their spin on. 

Jerry Wesley

Bass, Harmonica & Backing Vocals

Jerry took up guitar at 13 years of age. Switched to bass around 15. His first rock band was called, The 21st Revision of the Organization of the Funky Vine Street Blues Group. That wouldn't fit on a business card, so then the band was called Mandrake Powerhouse. A nice powerhouse trio. Played all the rock of the 70's. Jerry toured the late 70s up and down the east coast in the summer and thru the south in the winter. The band Samoy opened for the likes of The Grassroots and Chubby Checker. Jerry has played in blues groups, alternative rock bands, country, bluegrass, folk, southern rock and a Jackson Browne tribute act. Jerry plays guitar, bass and harmonica. He also shakes a mean tambourine.